Design of the Year

Delta Sport Centre

Design of the Year

Delta Sports Centre is exemplary in the addressing and reutilisation of an existing structure, demonstrating a sensitive and thoughtful approach. Through a subtractive process, employing simple yet effective manoeuvres, fresh life was breathed back into a beloved and well utilised community space. 

The programmatic positioning showcases the architect’s ability to skillfully negotiate various requirements while celebrating the history of the building. 

One of the notable aspects of this project is the enhanced connectivity to the wider community, evident through the integration of pedestrian infrastructure and improved urban response. The architect has created a welcoming environment that fosters engagement with the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the project's budget constraints did not hinder the architect’s ingenuity, as they successfully opened up the entire building and groundscape to create more facilities.

The project embodies the principles of sustainability, historical appreciation and inclusivity - serving as an example to other urban developments seeking to revitalise old places.

architecture firm

Red Bean Architects LLP