Design of the Year & Design Award

Citi Wealth Hub

Design of the Year

Design Award

This project is a manifestation of immersive landscaping and biophilia. The success of the interior spaces is many-fold. Firstly, the soaring day-lit banking conservatory is fully contextual and integrates seamlessly within the envelope of the glass house atrium. One would be hard pressed to believe this space was not custom designed for the garden. The symbolic nature of plants in terms of well-being and growth is unexpected but refreshing for banking interiors. The meandering paths, meeting pods and diverse interaction spaces created, question the norm for banking facilities. The designer worked closely with the landscape architect to ensure the sustainability of the plants, as well as careful plant selection to achieve a lush tropical backdrop.

The remaining interior spaces overlooking this central garden were efficiently planned and beautifully designed. The tasteful and impeccably detailed interiors are aspirational to both client and staff. The spaces work well for post-Covid working operations where open spaces and social distancing are required.  This project is unanimously awarded “The Design of the Year.”

architecture firm

Ministry of Design Pte Ltd in collab with Space Design Architects


Citibank Singapore


Grandwork Interior Pte Ltd

lighting consultant

Lighting Planners Associates (S) Pte Ltd

landscape consultant

ICN Design International Pte Ltd

interior designer

Ministry of Design Pte Ltd