Design of the Year & Design Award

Gallop Extension at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Design of the Year & Design Award

Public Place Making

The architect’s thorough research of the historical narratives, site context and conserved buildings is evident, as every design intervention was introduced with sensitivity and restraint. While the overall building footprints were limited, the architect had to contend with a vast canvass of elements bridging over 8 hectares of forest and English-styled landscape. The curation of the architectural restoration, new structures, maintenance of view axis and open outdoor spaces, exemplifies the Architect’s focus and clear-mindedness.

The jury panel commends the architect for their tenacity to lead the project for 7 years while employing a  sparing use of interventions to strengthen the relationships of existing elements - which was both delightful and practical for reducing carbon footprint. This project demonstrates the Architect’s role as a master consultant, mitigating a spectrum of challenges to celebrate both history and public space for  a wider audience.  For this, the Gallop Extension is awarded “Design of the Year”.

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Kay Ngee Tan Architects